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Some instructions and important data

1 – tin best five liters

2 – works by two 1.5 volt battery which allows for a

about 6 hours of continous running spraying

3 – you must make sure before filling the tank that the hose connecting into the

tank so there is no leakage of the solution from the tank

4 – one of the keys to successful pest control is applying the correct amount of

solution to the target pest at the right time .accurately mixing a solution is a key

step in this process. markings on the tank .sides make it easy to mix liters of

glyphosite then complete by water until 5 liter mark (one liter glyphosite to 30

( liters of water

5 – avoid the use of water from canals but use drinking water or pump water

6 – as there is no measuring cups to measure the exact quantity of glyphosite

(1.25 liters) put one liter of glyphosite and add 3 liters of water just to keep the

ratio of 1:3

7 – you must make sure that the inclination angle of sprayer head 45 degrees with

the extension of sprayer wand

8 – the height of the sprayer from the surface of the ground must be 30 cm this

enabling optimum operating

9 – when spraying do not shake the sprayer north or right but fix the height

direction of the sprayer _ and start walking slowly

10 – only 10 liters spray solution are required for an acre filled with grass this

mean that the tank covers an area of half acre

11 – the rate of 5 liters tank disposition about 45 minutes(in the case of a field

filled with grasses _ do not open and shut the sprayer long after the other)

during operating when there is a plenty grass_ in the case of spraying patches of

grasses you must shut the sprayer after the completion of spraying the spot until

moving to another spot in order to prevent the leakage of the solution on the

ground without benefit

12 – spray solution emerges in the form of small droplet size giving you 160 cm

width of ground coverage quickly and easily without moving the spraying

machine left or right

Important Note: this sprayer calibration for spraying glyphosate pesticide only

and not any other pesticide therefore it is designed for this purpose only


 Regular machine gun

 (1) for spraying one acre requires 1.5-2 hours

 (1) for spraying one acre needs 8 hours

 (2) pressing the key

Operating and another for the lock only

 2) need effort to provide

 the necessary pressure

 (3) an acre needs 10 liters

 of water (refilling the tank

 only another time)

 (3) an acre needs 200 liters

 of water(refilling the

 sprayer several times)

 (4) needs to install the

 spraying machine with slow

 walking with out any left or

 right movement

 (4) requires direct spray

 and moving the mozzle hose

 for weeds coverage by the chemical solution

 (5) not having any

 breakdowns or


 (5) show the presence of

breakdowns and requires

constant maintenance

 (6) light weight when

 complete filling

 (6) heavy weight when

 complete filling

an acre needs 2.5 liter of

glyphosate therefore save

 1.5 liters for each acre

 an acre require 4 liters of

 glyphosate with a

 concentration of 2%

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