صاحب المنتج : ehaz

وصف المنتج


specialized systemic and selective pesticide with high

efficiency for weedy grasses and broadleaf weeds

 control in tomato and potato fields


  is one of the powerful systemic herbicides that

 affect weeds (grasses) through leaf and roots

 absorbtion and consequently destroys all the

 weeds.thereafter,enable the crop of access to food

 and lighting necessary for its normal growth without

 competition ofrom these weeds.moreover, the

 removal or destruction of weeds help to reduce

 diseases especialy late blight

Senior affect the grass in tow ways:

First: elimination of seed germination in the bed before crop germination.


second:elimination of recent germination after appearance on the surface of the soil


Application method: spraying of herbicide on the

 ground before germination.and it should be applied

 when the soil is moist (irrigated before treatment)

 for high quick absorbtion of senior by grasses roots,

 that is in potato fields

safe pesticide (low toxicity)

Pre-harvest period: 15 days

 Tomatoes annuals broodleaf and weedy grasses  300 g / acre spraying the land two weeks after transplanting

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