MicroGreen Super Paste


صاحب المنتج : ehaz

وصف المنتج

MicroGreen Super Paste

Super Mkrojerin 2/52/33 paste

has an acidic effect and facilitate nutrients absorption and

prevent of irrigation pipes in all crops

Vegetables : add the fertilizer according to plant growth

period and with an approximate rate of 4 – 6 kg /acre in


Greenhouses : according to the needs of plants and an

approximate rate of 1-3 kg / 1000 liters of water

Fruit : a rate of 1. Kg / tree every two weeks (depending

on specifications)

Fodder crops : for axial spraying add 2.5 kg/acre as

batches each2-3weeks, according as batches each 2-3

weeks,according to plant need and growth stage

Tuber crops: (potato / beet sugar) is added to spray the

central Imadl 2 – 6 kg / acre payments of 3 – 4 week

Field crops: (wheat / barley) 5 – 6 kg / acre

added depending on the stage of growth

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