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AQ10 is a biofungicide using for fighting powdery mildew diseases .this product is

being produced by Intrachem Company in Italy.

AQ10 The compound in the granular from contain Ampelomyces quisqualis fungi


AQ10 Each gram of the bio-compound contain 5billion germ.

AQ10 Intrudes upon different strains of fungi that causing powdery mildew

diseases on different crops

AQ10 Does not produce toxic substances or drugs to kill the host cells, so it is

safe for human and theenvironment.

AQ10 Pre-harvest interval (zero) so can harvest the crop in the same day of


AQ10 Increasing its effectiveness with time (producing several generations per

season) as opposed to chemical pesticides

AQ10 The only compound capable of reducing the level of infection in powdery

mildew diseases in the next season because his effective impact on the dormant


AQ10 has a positive effect upon crop yield as well as the chemical and physical

properties moreover, the experiments indicated that AQ10 increases grape fruit

yield and quality , the sugar content (sweetness)and reduce the total acidity

percentage. So you can apply AQ10 with the confidence that it protects, not

harms, your crop.

Application rate

Notes must be followed when you use

1 – you must start spraying as soon as the emergence of modern cultures of the

shoots and leaves, before the onset of infection

2 – Wash sprayer thoroughly before using vehicles vita

3 – must melt the amount used in a little water with continuous stirring for a

period of not less 30 minutes before adding it to the spray solution to ensure that

all alone with bacteria And the start of germination

4 – Use an adequate amount of spray solution to ensure universal coverage of

leaves and fruits

5 – preferably spraying in the early morning or afternoon to provide a high

humidity to ensure Full germination of spores

6 – you must repeat the spraying interval 10-12 days to maintain a

comprehensive combat by Plant age and the severity of the injury, weather

conditions,the number of OWNING sprinkles for the first Consecutive two

workshops to ensure a high population of fungus that gives protection for long

7 – is recommended to use a summer oil is used as a publisher at 1.-2.% To

increase the vitality Bacteria for a longer period on the surface treatment

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